The theme for our conference in 2023 is Change!

This year we'll be asking the fundamental questions: What is change, and how can we bring it about?

We'll be inviting some of the world's most prominent psychotherapy researchers to help us find answers, looking at central therapeutic skills in the clinical field.

Recovery and healing will also be in the spotlight.

Schizofrenidagene will also be looking at the factors that can affect an individual's potential for change, and how the field of therapy is likely to change in the years ahead.

At a time when political and economic factors are changing our ability to deliver our health services, we'll also be exploring questions of leadership, prioritizing and quality within our current-day health sector.

Welcome to the 34th Nordic mental health conference and festival 'Schizofrenidagene'.
Hope to see you there!


Geir Fiskå, Head of the Scientific Committee


Organisation committee Schizofrenidagene 2023: Geir Fiskå, psykologspesialist, RuPo Sandnes; faglig leder, Schizofrenidagene 2023; Elin Skogen, Daglig leder, Stiftelsen PsykOpp; organisatorisk leder, Schizofrenidagene 2023; Lars Ravn Øhlckers, Psykologfaglig rådgiver/Psykologspesialist, PH BURA ; Målfrid J Frahm Jensen, forfatter/erfaringskonsulent, PsykOpp; Jon Vidar Strømstad, miljøterapeutiskfaglig rådgiver, Helse Stavanger;  Marianne Skretting, spesialist i barne- og ungdomspsykiatri; Medisinskfaglig rådgiver, PH BURA Stavanger; Kjetil Hustoft, medisinskfaglig rådgiver, KPHV ; Jan Olav Johannessen, pensj. overlege, tidl. forskningssjef, Helse Stavanger ; Kristin Fjermestad, psykoterapeut; Ingvild Dugstad Vestrheim psykologspesialist, Helsehuset, Stavanger;  Jan –Erik Nilsen, faglig rådgiver, SUS; Jon Fauskanger Bjåstad, psykologspesialist/forskningssjef, SUS  KPHV;  Henriette Rafoss Refseth, psykologfaglig rådgiver KPHV;  Dag Øystein Nordanger, RVTS Vest; Liv Fevang, undervisningsansvarlig konsulent med erfaringskompetanse, SUS;. Aleksander Hagen Erga, psykologspesialist; forskningsleder, KORFOR; Liv Sand, psykologspesialist/forsker; poliklinikkleder ved BUP Hinna; Olav Thorsen, pensjonert fastlege; seniorforsker.Aida Naqasha, Konferanseansvarlig, PsykOpp.