Welcome to a one-off performance of Jo Strömgren Dance Company's GONE

Photos: Erik Berg og Jubal Battisti

The dance performance 'GONE' reflects on the relationship between tristesse and nostalgia; where one ends and the other begins, and the aggression and denial one  passes through along the way.


JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI (JSK) was founded in 1998 and from its base in Norway has grown to become one of the most successful independent groups in Scandinavia.

The company has toured around 60 countries, with around 150 performances taking place annually both in large national theatres and small alternative venues all over the world. JSK’s home stage in Oslo is the Norwegian Opera House, where Jo Strømgren is Choreographer in Residence.

The dance company's style is characterized by a peculiar mix of dance and theatre, with a distinct and often very physical humor combined with darker, political undertones. Another trademark is the extensive use of nonsensical language, and in the recent years a playful use of voiceover. JSK offers a standing repertoire of 10-12 different performances, covering a broad range of genres.


See the performance at the main conference Thursday 7. November 3pm!

Included in the registration fee for 7. November.