The Mental Health Information Foundation 'PsykOpp'

The Nordic Mental Health Conference Schizofrenidagene is organised by Stavanger University Hospital and the Mental Health Information Foundation ('PsykOpp') in collaboration with a wide range of statutory and non-statutory organisations. Stavanger University Hospital Mental Health Services  has the overall responsibility for the scientific programme, while PsykOpp is predominantly responsible for the practical organisation and financing of the conference.

PsykOpp has held the organisational responsibility for the Schizofrenidagene conference for over 30 years. Every year the conference has brought together between 700 and 1800 mental health professionals.



Established in 1989, PsykOpp is a non-profit Foundation, whose primary objective  is to raise levels of knowledge and understanding around mental health issues. The Foundation is based in Stavanger on the West coast of Norway, but has a national and partly international profile.

PsykOpp has three main areas of operation: publishing house; courses and conferences; information and education.

Over the years, PsykOpp has established itself as a key actor in the field, both in relation to different user groups and to mental health bodies and professionals, and has over thirty years' experience in organising conferences and training courses within the mental health field.



Organisational Head of the conference:

Elin Skogen, Director, Stiftelsen Psykiatrisk Opplysning (Mental Health Information Foundation) Mobile 00 47 948 22 467