The Human Aspect

During this year's conference delegates will be given several quick glimpses into the Human Aspect's Lived Experience Library.

The Human Aspect will also be present at the conference to record a couple of episodes of their podcast 'Hverdagspsyken'. 

In addition both delegates and the general public will be offered the opportunity to see the Human Aspect's acclaimed portrait exhibition. 

Place: Byparken, Stavanger, by Kongsård School; Monday 7. - Friday 11. november; free and open for all

Welcome :)


The Human Aspect Foundation works to redefine mental health by increasing psychosocial knowledge and reducing stigma.

The Human Aspect sees life’s challenges as a fundamental part of the human experience.

The foundation was established in Norway in 2016, and is best known for the Life Experience Library.

Today, the library is the world’s largest free mental health  resource with more than 750 in-depth interviews. 

The Human Aspect in partnership with Schizofrenidagene