Welcome to Scandinavia's largest and longest-running multi-disciplinary mental health conference!

After a long period of uncertainty, delay and disruption, we're finally looking forward to meeting you in person at the 2021 conference! We've invited the most prominent experts in the field, internationally and nationally, to enlighten us on the subject of ourselves as therapists and on the work that we do.  

Our talks and workshops will be happening as scheduled. We're counting on live participation being possible, and will be adhering strictly to all infection control measures and requirements .  We will also be offering online talks and workshops should live participation become impossible, and will refund/reduce your registration fee should the event get cancelled/digitalised.

The social and cultural programmes will provide us with many longed-for opportunities to meet, share, learn, laugh, and enjoy :-) Do you, your colleagues or employees need something to look forward to? Then all you have to do is register!


Louis Theroux til Schizofrenidagene!

Den britiske dokumentarfilmskaperen Louis Theroux kommer til Stavanger for å avslutte årets Schizofrenidager. I samtale med psykiater Finn Skårderud utforsker han verdier han deler med oss terapeuter; åpenhet, medfølelse og nysgjerrighet.

Vi gleder oss. Gjør du?

Nyheter og endringer!

Vi har dessverre fått melding om at  Daryl Chow og James Bennett-Levy ikke får lov å reise til oss i november....LES MER


Miniseminar: Kan ny kunnskap om hvordan det oppleves å ha engstelig unnvikende personlighetsforstyrrelse skape bedre behandling? LES MER


Patricia Coughlin har dessverre meldt forfall til årets konferanse. Hun erstattes av en nestor innen faget vårt, Professor Emeritus Siri Erika Gullestad fra UiO...LES MER

What distinguishes a good therapist?





We're delighted that Professor Emeritus Bruce Wampold will be coming along to help us answer that question!

Schizofrenidagene is above all a meeting place for mental health professionals.

For 30 years  mental health workers have been making the journey to Stavanger for their annual top-up  of knowledge, culture and community - and the smiles come thick and fast!


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