Scandinavia's largest, longest-running mental health conference

30+ years of Schizofrenidagene
Since its inception in 1989 the annual mental health conference 'Schizofrenidagene' in Stavanger has developed into a conference arena that is unique in both national and international contexts.

Presenting the work of distinguished clinicians and researchers of the highest international standards, the conference has become a key meeting-point for mental health professionals. As Scandinavia's largest and longest-running interdisciplinary mental health festival, the week-long event has become an unmissable arena for networking, recharging professional batteries, and catching up with the latest developments in mental health care and culture.

Welcome to Schizofrenidagene - the highlight of the mental health year!



Schizofrenidagene 2023  is being organised by Stavanger University Hospital Mental Health Services and the non-profit Mental Health Information Foundation, in collaboration  with a wide range of statutory and non-statutory bodies: 

RVTS West (Resource Centre West, on Violence, Traumatic Stress and Suicide Prevention), Bergen Health Authority, Stavanger City Council,  Sandnes City Council, TIPS (Early Intervention for Psychosis) Stavanger, University of Stavanger, Sola District Psychiatric Centre.

The conference is appreciative of the financial support it receives from Stavanger City Council, the Inge Steensland Foundation, and Rogaland County Council. 

Read more about the history of the conference here

Green and non-profit As an annual event with over 5000 participants, we think a lot about how we can be as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

During the conference we use eco-friendly certified hotels, we print (where necessary) on recycled paper, serve local produce for lunch, use eco-taxis, and rely where possible on digital communication forms.

We are proud to be a non-profit concern, organised by Stavanger University Hospital Mental Health Services, the Mental Health Information Foundation and a range of statutory and non-statutory bodies.

You can rest assured that your conference fee goes wholly to cover the cost of the conference and is not used for private gain.

Organisasjonskomite, Schizofrenidagene 2023 :Geir Fiskå, psykologspesialist, RuPo Sandnes; faglig leder, Schizofrenidagene 2023; Elin Skogen, Daglig leder, Stiftelsen PsykOpp; organisatorisk leder, Schizofrenidagene 2023; Lars Ravn Øhlckers, Psykologfaglig rådgiver/Psykologspesialist, PH BURA ; Målfrid J Frahm Jensen, forfatter/erfaringskonsulent, PsykOpp; Jon Vidar Strømstad, miljøterapeutiskfaglig rådgiver, Helse Stavanger;  Marianne Skretting, spesialist i barne- og ungdomspsykiatri; Medisinskfaglig rådgiver, PH BURA Stavanger; Kjetil Hustoft, medisinskfaglig rådgiver, KPHV ; Jan Olav Johannessen, pensj. overlege, tidl. forskningssjef, Helse Stavanger ; Kristin Fjermestad, psykoterapeut; Ingvild Dugstad Vestrheim psykologspesialist, Helsehuset, Stavanger;  Jan –Erik Nilsen, faglig rådgiver, SUS; Jon Fauskanger Bjåstad, psykologspesialist/forskningssjef, SUS  KPHV;  Henriette Rafoss Refseth, psykologfaglig rådgiver KPHV;  Dag Øystein Nordanger, RVTS Vest; Liv Fevang, undervisningsansvarlig konsulent med erfaringskompetanse, SUS;. Aleksander Hagen Erga, psykologspesialist; forskningsleder, KORFOR; Liv Sand, psykologspesialist/forsker; poliklinikkleder ved BUP Hinna; Olav Thorsen, pensjonert fastlege; seniorforsker.Aida Naqasha, Konferanseansvarlig, PsykOpp.