Welcome to Schizofrenidagene 2022

Becoming oneself – the development and treatment of personality problems


The title for this year’s conference was inspired by Irvin Yalom’s book “Becoming myself”.
How does one actually become oneself? This year we’ll be exploring all aspects of personality – including personality development, different types of personality problems and disorders, and treatment options.

From the moment we’re born, our natural temperament and characteristics will be working together with influences from the world around us, including from our parents and peers, to shape our personality as adults.

Personality is a decisive factor in shaping our lives. What lays the groundwork for solid, healthy personality development? What interferes with this process, leading to difficulties in regulating our emotions and relating to other people, to personality problems and disorders?

Mental health professionals are in daily contact with clients experiencing personality disorders and self-regulation issues. They may also be experiencing affective disorders, psychoses or PTSD. The majority of patients in high security psychiatric care are affected to one degree or another by psychosis, and several of them have additional problems such as substance use, self-harming and personality disorders.

How can we ensure that personality-related issues are recognised and included in treatment plans – from childhood and adolescence into adult life? How can we provide meaningful, health-giving and effective treatment paths? 

These and many other questions will be illustrated during the Nordic mental health conference Schizofrenidagene 2022.

Welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Henriette Grimsby Rafoss
Head of the Scientific Committee, Schizofrenidagene 2022


Organisasjonskomite, Schizofrenidagene 2022:

Faglig leder Schizofrenidagene 2022: Henriette Rafoss Refseth, psykologfaglig rådgiver KPHV; Elin Skogen, Daglig leder, Stiftelsen Psykiatrisk Opplysning; og organisatorisk leder, Schizofrenidagene 2022;  Gro Christensen Peck, Leder, Undervisning- og Forskningsavdeling, SUS; Ingvil Trana, fagutviklingskonsulent i miljøterapi, FoU-enheten, klinikker psykisk helsevern, SUS; Målfrid J Frahm Jensen, forfatter/erfaringskonsulent, PsykOpp; Lars Ravn Øhlckers, Psykologfaglig rådgiver/Psykologspesialist, PH BURA;  Jon Fauskanger Bjåstad, psykologspesialist/forskningssjef, SUS  KPHV; Anne Martha Kalhovde, Leiar FOU, Jæren DPS; Geir Fiskå, sjefpsykolog, RuPo Sandnes; Jan Olav Johannessen, overlege, tidl. forskningssjef, Helse Stavanger; Elisabeth Christi Ørke, undervisningsansvarlig psykolog, FoU-enheten, klinikker psykisk helsevern, SUS; Aida Naqasha, Konferanseansvarlig, PsykOpp; Kristin Fjermestad, psykoterapeut, Alternativ til Vold; Jon Vidar Strømstrad, postleder Sola DPS/miljøterapeutiskfaglig rådgiver, Helse Stavanger ; Cecilie Brøvig Almås, psykologspesialist, Sørlandet sykehus; psykologfaglig rådgiver; Leder for ISPS Norge; Elise Constance Fodstad, psykologspesialist RUP Sandnes/Korfor; Olav Thorsen, pensjonert fastlege, forsker; Kjetil Hustoft, medisinskfaglig rådgiver, KPHV; Liv Fevang, undervisningsansvarlig konsulent med  erfaringskompetanse, SUS;   Gunn Hinna, Rådgiver fagstab levekår, Oppvekst/levekår,  Stavanger kommune; Karin Smedvig, faglig rådgiver, SUS KPHV; Jan –Erik Nilsen, faglig rådgiver, SUS; Liv Sand, psykologspesialist, BUP Hinna;   Jan Skandsen, medisinskfaglig rådgiver, PHBURA, Stavanger.