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Welcome to Scandinavia's largest and longest-running multi-disciplinary mental health conference!

Welcome to Schizofrenidagene 2022 - Becoming oneself.

This year we'll be focusing on personality. How does one become oneself? What are the factors that promote healthy personality development? What can cause personality development to go off track? What can cause us problems in relating to others, expressing and regulating ourselves, and lead to personality problems and disorders? How can we create meaningful, effective treatments that promote growth and recovery?

The most prominent national and international experts will be joining us to shed light on the matter.  Hope you'll be joining us too!


Introducing this year's keynote speakers:

PhD., ABPP, Psychologist, psychoanalyst, author
Professor, MD. Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, author, editor
PhD., Associate Director of the Child Trauma Research Program , University of California.
Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Colgate University

Online mental health day for school leavers

Childcare workers training day


Debates during conference week




Schizofrenidagene is above all a meeting place for mental health professionals.

For 30 years  mental health workers have been making the journey to Stavanger for their annual top-up  of knowledge, culture and community - and the smiles come thick and fast!