Pre-Conference workshop 2 - Psychotherapy for Psychosis: Integrating Cognitive-behavioral and Psychodynamic Treatment

Michael Garrett, MD is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with 35 years experience in public psychiatry. In this workshop he will review the psychological model of psychosis and the integration of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic treatment described in his recent book, Psychotherapy for Psychosis: Integrating Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic Treatments.  (2019) Guilford Press/New York.  The workshop will address the following topics:

•    The role of genes and adverse life experience (trauma) in the genesis of psychosis
•    Three dimensions of psychosis: altered perceptual experiences of the material world; altered subjective experiences of the self; delusional narratives expressive of life experiences
•    Clinical example: the man who believed a dog had xray vision that allowed the dog to see through his clothing
•    Primary and secondary process thinking (Sigmund Freud)
•    Paranoid/schizoid and depressive postions (Melanie Klein)
•    The relationship of fairy tales and the mental life of ordinary children to delusions
•    Disturbances of symbol formation and figurative language in psychosis
•    Clinical example: the man who intermittently believed his mother was Satan
•    An overview of cognitive-behavioral therapy for psychosis
Three basic paradyms underlying CBTp
    Stress/vulnerability model of psychosis
    Continuum between psychosis and ordinary mental life (‘normalizing’ psychotic symptoms)
    A-B-C cognitive frame: activating event leads to belief leads to emotional/behavioral consequences
•    Essential CBTp techniques
•    Integrating CBTp and psychodynamic treatment 
Clinical example: the woman who heard voices warning her that someone was about to die

Michael Garrett
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM